About us

Rad Marketing was created in 2015 as a place for highly-motivated individuals to stretch their talents and have the courage to try out crazy ideas and grow. Bringing together a wide variety of people from various backgrounds, we manage to work together to shape your brand into something truly remarkable. We like to think Rad Marketing some of the best marketing minds in the industry. we personalize modern marketing techniques, cutting through the noise to bring clarity to our clients. In other words, we make brands stand out in a complex, noisy world.

Our Process

Process is at the heart of everything we do. We aim to provide a good balance between new technology and trusted marketing tactics. Our clients are part of our team and we want our processes to reflect that. We are always open to their feedback and suggestions so we can better serve them.
Sucessful Projects
Achieved ROI
Happy Customers
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Meet Our Experts

Margin strives to deliver the tools and support that helps companies grow with unparalleled success.

AJ Frey,
Chief Marketing Officer

AJ has been creating websites for like a billion years. He knows how to meet or exceed your expectations. As chief nerd officer, he has mad skills that when combined, with his relentless dedication to excellence has him constantly surpassing his goals. His super power is that he can recite Star Wars word for word.

Nicole Wilks
Operations and Finance Manager

Nicole brings experienced leadership and communication skills from working in a variety of industries, specializing in rapid growth companies with complex personal and management problems. With a background in operations management, inventory management, production management, sales, and event management.

Joel Harris
Experienced Copywriter

Joel has worked in a variety of industries – from Vancouver tech start-ups to high-powered New York law firms. He has been working with Rad Websites since 2016, offering copy and SEO support. As author of On Copywriting: How to Make Money Writing he has taught thousands of students how to start their own writing business or increase their sales.

What’s on your mind? A little PPC here, a little SEO there? WE can do a brand refresh or a specific project that is a little too complicated to describe here? Just take a seat and don’t worry. You’re in rad hands now.